Thursday, August 1, 2013

Log4j 2 = Insane performance!


I just read a great discussion on how Log4j 2 is awesome!

Being a developer, this is great news! And it is coming up to be a worthy successor of Log4j and seems to provides significant improvements too!

The improvements include -

  1. API Separation
  2. Improved Performance
  3. Support for multiple APIs
  4. Automatic Reloading of Configurations
  5. Advanced Filtering
  6. Plugin Architecture
  7. Property Support

Many of these follow the positives of LogBack (which has been touted as a successor to Log4j).

Get a load on the introduction and the API to Log4j2 here. And also the discussion on its performance in this nice article Log4j 2: Performance close to insane (courtesy the Java Code Geeks)!

Have fun!

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