Monday, March 25, 2013

Agile programming – Now in family mode !

Excellent advice, and all in all a great TED talk.

You can refer this Life hacker article which talks about applying the "agile" philosophy to family life.

Also refer the direct YouTube link for the TED talk - Bruce Feiler: Agile programming -- for your family

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Cloud based IDEs – Now code anywhere!


The backbone of any efficient Development Cycle is a versatile and intuitive IDE.

An IDE (or an Integrated Development Environment) provides comprehensive facilities for coding in a software development cycle.

Traditional IDEs are bound to the physical work environment and locally to the development system.

Enter the Cloud based IDEs

Cloud based IDEs are getting popular by the day. All they require is a web browser, where-in the editor can be used to write code which can also be stored in a cloud based repository.

The cloud is slowly getting the popularity and versatility it promised as a concept. It is already facilitating stuff like online backup creation, document sharing & collaboration (via cloud based CMSs) and data-sharing for distributed web channels like social networking.

The main beneficiary of a Cloud based IDE is the Mobile application development front. It truly integrated application development on a distributed level, and different aspects of a mobile application (like native vs. web) can be seamlessly developed, tested and integrated. 

For the cloud based IDEs, you are having many choices.

Some of them are -

and so on.

But it is the latest entry which excites me the most!


Yes, it is the Eclipse IDE which has recently launched the Orion IDE. Orion brings the experience and developer ease-of-use (and confidence) of Eclipse to the Cloud IDE arena.

Orion is still in progress, however, and it is limited to client based / front-end web development (i.e. HTML and JavaScript).

It features out-of-box Firebug integration and the usual Eclipse UI with code completions for starters!

One thing is for sure, the coming days are going to be interesting for the development arena.

Now all we need is an in-fallible, always on, (cheap!) broadband connection. Sigh!