Wednesday, April 15, 2015

My Quest for the perfect (windows) clone and backup solution!

> = <

With 2015 (almost) halfway gone, can you imagine my pain when I am simply looking for a solution to -

1. Create a [LIVE!] clone of my Laptop’s 500GB HDD and
2. Let me update it on schedule…

and able to find none… yes…NONE AT ALL!

I just want something to -

1. Provide me a fool-proof backup strategy AS WELL AS HELPS

2. In advent of any catastrophic failure in my current HDD or similar situation, to just pop the faulty bugger out and replace with the last backup; and pronto! loads up the Windows O.S. … again!

WTF Microsoft!!

Is it that difficult?? In 2015? A job which Carbon Copy Cloner has been doing for more than a couple of years (sadly Mac only, sigh!)?

I mean, Seriously? Come on!

So my friends and fellow nerds out there… Anyone has any Ideas?

Please share.

Note: I will surely update this IFF I find a viable solution. I know about the options available (almost all provide live clone, but none does the backups on schedule), so I need something which works as I want it to!

Update#1: I found this -
Let’s try and check shall we, I will updtae here for more findings.?