Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Android, thy fragmented love! Your data says it all…


Anyone following the mobile trends knows the growth curve Android has taken in the last few years. This popularity has had its own share of fragmentation issues and multi device hell. The Verge has done an interesting piece on the same,


The original take is available at the OpenSignal site.

To quote OpenSignal -

We have seen 11,868 distinct devices download our app in the past few months. In our report last year we saw 3,997.


And to think of it, just today I had this discussion going on with one of my friend about the state of Google jumping the Hardware bandwagon via Motorola.

and now this… So much for the originating developer hell out of all this chaos!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

JavaScript debugging with Firebug’s console logging

As most of us know, Firebug is a great developer assistance tool. In the following short, I discuss how to extend its capabilities even further by using the Firebug console to your JS development advantage.


Firebug - an introduction

Firebug is a Mozilla Firefox add-on and is one of the most powerful and well-known web development tools available for Firefox. It excels at assisting development and backs up any web-app’s development cycle with a plethora of useful sub-tools and features.

Being developer friendly, it provides live HTML modification WRT layout, styles and also control over the page's XHTML, JavaScript, CSS, AJAX requests.

Code inspection and the availability of an excellent JavaScript debugger helps analyze both the network usage as well as chart out performance statistics.

Firebug can be further enhanced using extensions, and provides specific and granular functionalities so as to provide information required.

Although Firebug is a great and opulent contribution, and brims with several features worthy of discussion, we dedicate this write-up to one of its more humble offerings: the console.

Before we start, we assume that the reader has the following installed:

1. Firefox browser

2. Firebug

We also expect you to have knowledge of some basic Firebug usage and its abilities.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

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