Thursday, May 24, 2012

HowTo - Lock system while playing video (aka. make Windows toddler proof!)


Necessity is, quite rightly, the mother of all inventions (and… discoveries!).

Before my son came along, I never felt the need to even search or test for this kind of software!

But now, searching for something which could protect my Laptop and let him carry on watching Shaun the sheep, led me on to KeyFreeze.

This is a great application which..

“blocks your keyboard and mouse without "locking" the screen. So your kids can safely watch a cartoon or have a videochat with their grandparents and bang the keyboard all they want.”

And not only children, this can be used for pesky pets too (who love toeing on your keyboard) !

Moreover, like all good things, this is Free!

(Note: Needs .net framework to run!)

Checkout KeyFreeze at

(If you need something with more options, like blocking selective keys etc.. consider Toddler Keys and Kid-Key-Lock, although I haven't tested them though!)

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

If you actually want to bring it to notice…

Yes, the Blog Never Seconds actually teaches you how to bring that much needed change, no matter how trivial or how major it could actually be!

This is a blog of a 9-year-old girl, Martha Payne's, where-in she describes how her school serves up some exotic hair laden dishes (yuck!)

Martha provides a full categorized ranking of her daily diet too, which is sampled as under

Pol Elia's ratings are,
Food-o-meter- 7/10
Health Rating- 5/10
Price- €2.06, which is £1.64
Pices of hair- 1

And as expected, the school has taken steps to reduce the hair amount and increase the health value of their food!

I wish her edible hair-free food times ahead!

(Images courtesy: NeverSeconds)

Friday, May 18, 2012

How-to - Hacking flash game high-scores!


Before I begin, a gentle piece of advice:

Use the below for you education only, and not for any personal gains (except maybe to inflate your own ego!)

Anyways what-ever you do, I am not responsible for the outcomes (viz. if your deeds get you caught/banned online) !

Well here goes –

1. Get Firefox! (yes, only Firefox is supported in the current solution!);

2. Install tamper-data add-on –

3. Start Tamper-Data from Firefox –

Tools –> Tamper-data

Tamper Data-main screen

4. Try to open a new session in Firefox (or only the desired flash URL in your browser or you will have a hell of a time tackling submit requests in Tamper!)

5. Fire up your flash game. (this can be done after the above step too)

6. Play and loose, or die or what-ever, just finish the DARN thing!

7. Wait till you reach the high-score window/dialog in the game;

8. Hold it, don’t submit yet!

9. Ok, now just start your Tamper process by choosing start Tamper in Tamper window.

10. Now click submit, and wait till Tamper data takes over.

11. The dialog appears asking you to tamper the current server post values;

Tamper Data-popup

12. Pay attention now!

a. Remember, first Un-select the checkbox of continue tampering;

b. Then choose the Tamper button.

13. In the new ‘Tamper Popup’ window which opens, check the parameters in the right panel;

Tamper popup

14. You will find the parameters user name (whatever you types as user name) and the ‘not so high’ score you managed to get!

15. Manipulate both, and select submit/ok.

Check your score now in high scores!


Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Know Java? Know primitives!

Java logo.svg

Well, this may not be news for the most of you java gurus out there, but many a times, the primitives DO need a revisit.

Primitives refer to the base types offered ‘out-of-the-box’ by the Java programming gamut.

The base need of primitives arose due to the advertising and popularity of Java as a compile once – run anywhere paradigm.

Anyways, the below table should be a harmless refresher for that primitive coder in you ;-)

Data Type 
Size (in bits) Default Value (for fields)
byte 8 0
short 16 0
int 32 0
long 64 0L
float 32 0.0f
double 64 (yes, same as long :-) ) 0.0d
char 16 '\u0000'
boolean 1 FALSE

Hope this gives some quick help to someone out there!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Hmm.. The S3 is out… now what?

After the release of the S3, a lot of speculation was laid to rest. But what next? Does it actually live up to the hype it created?

Decide for yourself.

Go through these -

S3 - The first look and…review

S3 – The revisit review – hmm… feels a bit better now?

Samsung I9300 Galaxy S IIIVs.HTC One X

The HTC X vs The S3 – Beast Vs. Beast (or as the page says AVP!)

In the end, its what you want as your next phone. Like everything else in life, its what you want from it.

Only that matters.