Thursday, August 15, 2013

Home Improvement: Fix that ‘slowly getting slower’ ceiling fan!

All work and no play makes jack a dull boy… but all work and no household chores will make any respectable husband getting labeled as useless!

Fellow husbands, read on…

So, this is something which is not about gadgets or coding, but about… life-hacking!

This hack has been ‘discovered’ and not invented, but nevertheless should be quite useful for my fellow brethren.

If your room’s ceiling fan has been getting slow with passing days, wait before calling that electrician. Maybe its just time to …. clean your fan!

Yes, just clean the blades of the friggin’ fan!

The accumulating dust on the fan-blades creates friction and also the precise angle required for air generation is countered.

So this can be tried before you call your electrician. No harm in trying it, and its free!

Also, to clean the blades of the fan, just use an old discarded pillow cover (get this from your wife, please do not guess!)

Just cover the blade with the cover, and rub the blade from the end to the tip, collecting the dust in the cover, easy! The cover collects the dust and prevent it from falling over, on your bed.

Simple genius, isn’t it?

The best part is, you *should* get some extra brownie points from your significant other, which as any husband knows, is a rare and significant event (in other words, totally worth it!)

So by all means, go and try this out, Tim Allen would be so proud!

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