Monday, September 3, 2012

Windows 7… The new Windows XP!

Admit it, you have never found Windows more easier, fun, configurable, fun, faster, fun, customizable and fun to use, than MS-Windows 7 (oh, and did I mention fun?)

So yes,  Windows 7 is officially the new Windows XP for the i-Generation processor.
(And oh please don’t sue me Apple, I meant i-3, i-5 etc. !!)

Here is a Mashable write-up, which says it best, 'Windows 7 Overtakes Windows XP As the Most Popular Desktop OS'

Have fun while you use it. And going along you will find many articles here on my blog, for helping you out on your journey!

Above picture totally not related, I HATED YOU VISTA (DAMN’ YOU!)

Thanks Bill, your team finally made something which hits the sweet spot (best of luck with the 8 though! Meh!)

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