Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Are Philosophical Explanations the only hope for the hopeless, un-answered science?

DO you believe what you see around you? Do you really Think that you actually are here for a purpose?

And while you are answering that, do you even know for sure that ‘here’ actually exists?

Being human is a real sorry affair, as ‘Man’ is the only intelligent life form (AFAIK) who has to carry the burden of thought. Only man has the ability to doubt his very existence and reality.

Existence is something defined and more importantly perceived best by the one who is experiencing it.

If I say and support what I believe is right, it is only because ‘I believe it is right’ and my belief is but my own personal limited perception.

So what actually is perception? And how can I be sure that my perception is actually right when I have the ability to doubt my own existence in the first place?

Although Metaphysics tries to answer what lies beyond the scope and domain of hard-core physics and conventional science, there are still burning questions which are left un-answered.

In ‘8 Great Philosophical Questions That We’ll Never Solve’ on io9, the author lists some questions which every sane and intellectually-able human thinks at-least once in his active life-time, and which successfully and elusively remain un-answered as yet.

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