Monday, August 6, 2012

The hunt for the best (non-SSD) Hard disk…in India…Contd…

Continuing the hunt of my next super fast laptop (internal) HDD the other day, I went to the local IT Hardware paradise…

And after much hunting and calling here and there, I was confirmed no 750 GB only 500 GB WD Black Scorpio 500 GB.

But this is supposed to be good enough. So I take the leap.


I come home, party out my tiredness. Mid Sunday, the hangover subsides and I remember to start the HDD data transfer (from the old into the new)

I use the old HDD SATA enclosure (Transcend, the best!) but no love…I find that the new HDD does nothing but click.

Click and click and click it goes, pulling me under the HDD woes…

This, I realize is no ordinary click, but the the click of death!

God! My new HDD is a DOA!

Such a cold hard whammy!

I become desperate, maybe it’s a power issue (black is a volt gulper). So I try out the actual SATA HDD bay in the laptop… no luck…depression sets in. I try my wife’s DELL Vostro 1500, no luck…

Even the BIOS refuses to acknowledge it! All this running around goes waste.

So what next? Wait for a ‘new’ ‘replacement’.

Life is such a killjoy….sigh.

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