Friday, August 3, 2012

I use a DELL XPS 15 system (1st generation, L501x) as my main system (work/play/blog).

A recent bad sector episode forced me to use my extended warranty service… and here is what I went through….

My DELL HELL starts with a call with DELL REPS on 7/12/2012 for which I was issued a valid Complaint No. – 860218617.

Following which I was issued a replacement HDD (a TOSHIBA). My original (faulty HDD) is a Seagate. This replacement HDD was entrusted with me in physical form and NOT INSTALLED on the LAPTOP.

This was because I had requested the DELL rep to let me do the O.S. installation etc. as a 500 GB backup is not instantaneous (from the faulty SEAGATE) and my DELL REP was considerate enough to trust my IT experience.

Also, as asked, I was given a 5 days, no questions asked, grace period for taking my backups!

Now comes the twist. As mentioned, this replacement was a TOSHIBA (MK5061GSYN), which is already a very bad personal experience (as my earlier DELL Vostro 1500 had this POS, and heaven knows what I used to go through).

God only knows what obligations are forcing DELL to go ahead with them!

Anyways, I called up DELL and told them about my preference and apprehensions. I was advised that I would be provided a NON-TOSHIBA HDD ASAP and I should return the replacement TOSHIBA to the logistics/faulty recovery dept.

So I called up again (on 7/18/2012) and was told to wait a few more days and the same would be arranged. The rep said that he would be updating the case history and I should call back in 10-15 days.

I did that and subsequently had a word with another DELL rep (Number 4) and was told I would be getting a call from DELL escalations team on Friday.

As expected, got no calls and thus I called them instead on Monday and thus got a call-back from escalations on Tuesday. Now, I was strongly being advised by this escalation DELL exec. to get the earlier offered Toshiba as a replacement and that a non-Toshiba HDD is not possible (and also that the DELL REPS do not have the power of arranging a specific replacement model).

Also, I was told that I should not be changing the HDD myself as I am not allowed to do so.

“A DELL tech will do it” he said, and I would not be allowed to keep the original / faulty HDD and it is my job to arrange a backup before the faulty HDD is replaced!!

Now what I cannot understand here is that why the DELL GUYS, while belonging to the same corporation, give out different advice and thus create different problems for an end customer in the process?

I think all of them understood the main issue differently!

For all its worth, it may seem trivial but if I need to explain myself to each and every DELL REP about the whole case history then it is actually adding up to my day’s ordeals with the world!

And, how is it that the case history is not in sync with actual happenings? Can this DELL REP#5 not refer his case record to know how things were done for the previous DELL tech visit?

I want to say this to Dear Mr. Michael Dell

I have been associated with Dell since last 8 years now. I have somewhere around 6 Dell Notebook Systems in my household, 2 of which I myself own, and I am a staunch DELL advising person among my family and friends.

It has been a decade of tinkering, upgrading and cleaning for me during all my DELL years.

So, if I am saying that I am capable of changing the DELL HDD myself, why is it being believed otherwise?

The kind of relaxation that comes as a gentle recognition / acknowledgement for a loyal customer, and which I have had with DELL all this while, is not there anymore, it seems.

I would gladly go on record to say that dealing with DELL has been a really sorry experience for me. A simple process for getting a HDD replacement from a global brand and service specialist like DELL could become so complicated, is but anyone's guess!

Wake up DELL, have some faith in your customers!

And if you really want me to spell it out, here it is –

To whomsoever it may concern, I state that I am capable of changing my XPS 15’s Hard disk on my own. Thank you very much.

Yours truly pi**ed off,
A DELL HELL Survivor.

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