Friday, January 13, 2012

Top Windows Annoyances: Drag Drop fail!!



Well, if you have been a dedicated windows X (substitute X with XP/2003/7/8 and so on…) user like I have been all this while (by choice or circumstance) you must have faced this issue once in a while.

You are working on something suddenly the Windows shell stops responding to your drag ‘n’ drop actions. Just.Like.That. Awesome isn't it?

Chances are, you may have been hit by some malware or something similarly obnoxious. This is a long and emotionally troubling scenario.

But before you jump your horses, the next possible thing which could correct this could be a system reboot and I am sure it’ll work after that. Yes it will.

But what if it happens to you again?

The logical next step (short of an anti-malware scan) would be closing all the open applications and all MS stable stuff. Any luck? No I suppose not! So WTF is this anyways?

If you are stuck in the XP era, try this -
regsvr32 ole32.dll
regsvr32 /i shell32.dll

But if you have been already graduated to Windows 7 32/64 bitthis won’t help.

But then, here is the beauty solution! Just follow these steps -

Press and release (hit) the escape key.

There, you just did it, and now it works!

Just what the hell happened? But it works now.

So now you know how to fix it: Press ‘ESC’!

Incase this ESC trick is now up-to your standard or does nothing, try pressing the ALT / CTRL AND Windows Key buttons several times You can also have a stuck keyboard syndrome! this should solve it though.

I would be covering this small tit-bit in Experts Exchange soon, Stay tuned for the same!

I couldn’t help adding this from the yester-years product promotion exercise!


Ha! So much for 2012! Not much change, it still breaks often!


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