Tuesday, January 24, 2012

As if Earthly Storms weren’t enough, here comes the Solar Storm!


While you are reading this, a huge solar eruption is causing the strongest solar charge storm since 2005.

The Solar Eruption happened on Jan 22 2012. A solar eruption causes sudden release of super charged particles which are right now heading towards Earth at about 2,000 km per second!

Tip!For people having a rusty astronomy knowledge base, head here for a quick FAQ / overview of what I am talking about!


The experts at SpaceWeather.com is providing up to the minute updates about the same.

The current intensity of this storm is rated as “strong” or S3, meaning it could be potentially a radiation exposure for passengers in international flights. It will probably also disrupt satellite operations and degrade HF radio communications. GPS operations should continue as usual due to the location corrections and satellite homing delays. But operations like mining, refineries etc. which require live GPS coordinating could be affected.

Although this is a higher than usual radiation intensity, we should all be OK due to the magnetic field around Earth, which is actually protecting us.

So all good till 21st Dec 2012 !

A certain positive side effect of ongoing episode would certainly be stronger (read more beautiful) than normal displays of Earth’s auroras. I will post some aurora pictures as they come up here and there over the web in the natural course of time.

Update: A sample is here – Click for source and more images!


Simply beautiful, isn't it!

For more beautiful and insightful videos go to the NASA site.

Also head over to space.com for some more updates! 

imageClick here for Gizmodo’s cover of the solar storm.

And the ABC NEWS cover is here.

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