Friday, December 16, 2011

The coming year for Smartphones!

Well, if anyone has has its share of technology explosion this (going) year, its the micro-processor! And the best usage of the same is when it is available in a small package. I am referring to the latest and greatest mobile phones a.k.a the smartphones.

Leading the pack this year has been the Samsung I9100 Galaxy S II with the Samsung's very own Exynos Dual-core 1.2 GHz Cortex-A9 implementation.

Although Apple has been trying to keep up with the Android popularity and O.S. feature versatility, (which, quite frankly is a two edged sword in the Android arena), the scales are now slowly tilting in the favor of the open-source.

The next year promises the processor war to upscale to quad-core levels (although different views exist).

The expectation is from something called as Galaxy S3 (which is a 'Samsung' no-brainer as it comes after 2, right? :-))

The S3 promises the world, and more. For a sneak preview and a look @ the expected configuration (best taken with a grain spoonful of salt) , refer here for the expected specs and here for beefier details.

Quad-gimmick or not, I hope the wait should be worth it (if you can survive without the S2 till the S3 is here, i.e.)
If you already have an S2, fear not, here is something which will advice on what to do with it, once you have your S3! Uhh! Will there never be an end to this 'bought today/obsolete tomorrow' lunacy?

I hope not ;-)

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