Friday, December 23, 2011

Beware: Facebook is watching!

Whether you are an occasional Facebookie (!) or a die hard Facebook addict, you need to know that "Facebook Is Tracking You on the Web".

For the story and details refer to this Mashable Article,

For the premise refer to this Lifehacker post which also has tips to prevent it too.

Although the Lifehacker post contains discussion on FF and chrome addons for the FB issue as well as generic privacy control, the paranoid extra-cautious are suggested to refer here for a discussion on the best privacy/safety add-ons for the same (sorry FF only!)

I would still suggest using a browser cache cleaning utility for keeping the system free of storing (risk inducing) personal information. Basically containing browser related cookies and other temporary files. The best way would be using something like ccleaner.

But ccleaner is so potent in itself, that it begs another topic.


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