Tuesday, November 24, 2015

To fail or not to fail…


Failure… the word itself feels such a let down. But is it actually a disgrace, a step down or an actual negative? Is it really what is yours to keep when all success eludes?

Actually, no. It is the mindset and the interpretation of failure.

A case to discuss is how failure fits in the Agile Methodology. The Agile supports small leaps of work and faith, and thus the achievement is in small gains. One step at a time.

And thus there is scope for small regular successes and yes, regular failures as well.

Failure in itself is a great way to learn about how to succeed.

Take for example, the agile practitioner’s favorite phrase…” Fail early, fail fast, fail often”.

Failing fast in-between your sprint’s start and finish is really good, both for you and your stakeholders. Yes, that’s true. Why? Because it saves cost, and more importantly it saves relationships and… yes, embarrassment as well.

But I genuinely believe that it’s not always about failures. It should be more about the learning. Easier said than done… I agree.

But in truth, as long as you are learning fast from your failure, you will create purpose in your actions. And this learning will help you fail less and less till success is the only available outcome.

So don’t just fail. Learn.

Learn fast, and Learn often.

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