Sunday, May 5, 2013

JSMag and GroovyMag – May 2013 Issues are here!

May 2013


What's new in jQuery 2.0 - Chetan Khurana

A major version release of the most popular JavaScript library is here! Learn more about what is new and what has changed.

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May 2013

Grails Plugins "Inline" - Chetan Khurana

Customizing a grails plugin which is commonly referred to in more than one application can cause many issues. Declaring plugins as inline solves these issues!

Go to, and use the coupon code – 21yoc8k.

Steps to follow for getting the issues -

1. Register at the URL – JSMag  / GroovyMag

2. Go to the CART option and use the coupon codes given above;

3. Go to your account option to download and access your free copy of MAY 2013 issues!

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