Wednesday, February 6, 2013

So you are a QA? Oh wait, don’t answer that!


Life may turn on its boring face if you have been a QA analyst (in any software firm) since a while.

Because, well let’s face it, a QA’s job is never easy. He/She is the person without any real (or developer) friends and most of the times, if the poor QA is one of ordinary luck, he handles the repetitive job of manual testing rather than interesting and challenging stuff like automation and scripts and so on.

These poor souls are found going through the same application functionalities day after day (like a zombie), to catch that elusive but obvious bug, which has to rear its ugly head on the staging, and during the client demonstration too!

And yet, it is only a proper QA process which provides that level confidence to both the developers and their customer about the application’s robustness.

So dear QA’s, fear not, as starting today I will make some effort to scout the net and post in or blog here some interesting links on QA fundamentals and topics, which should help some of you get back that spark of self-confidence!

So here we start with the QA section in TheServerSide.

The server side’s QA section titled Software Quality Assurance, contains whitepapers with stress on App-DLC, and the upcoming changes in QA domain WRT the now prevalent mobile and portable platforms too. only caveat is you have to register for access, but this is easy and free too, and completely worth it.

And do get back to me with comments etc. if you want me to mention any specific sites which help you out in your daily QA activities.

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