Wednesday, December 19, 2012

True Awesomeness…taking off to space and beyond…from your own backyard!

Ladies and gentlemen, pure awesomeness has arrived.And it aims for the stars!

Copenhagen Suborbitals is an open source outer space project in Denmark. These two self supporting scientists or should I say entrepreneurs, Kristian von Bengston and Peter Madsen head the Copenhagen Suborbitals.

They, with the help of about 20-plus specialist helpers onboard are in the process of creating the first locally (read homemade) and plan to take this *manned* spacecraft into the orbit.

Doing it is one thing when you are funded by the government, but doing it in the backyard (although  not technically) but on a miserly budget of a few hundred thousands dollars is but ballsy!

Hit the below link for checking out their idea and progress.

Homemade spacecraft!

Just purely, awesomely wow…!

Addendum: Check out this link for photos and test launch details! Wow!

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