Monday, November 26, 2012

Warp drive….now being developed at warp speed…!!!

Ahh.. warp drive… Even the term brings back fond memories of Star Trek!

For the un-initiated, or people still living under rocks,

Warp drive is a hypothetical faster-than-light (FTL) propulsion system in the setting of many science fiction works, most notably Star Trek. A spacecraft equipped with a warp drive may travel at apparent speeds greater than that of light by many orders of magnitude, while circumventing the relativistic problem of time dilation. In contrast to many other fictional FTL technologies, such as a "jump drive" or the Infinite Improbability Drive, the warp drive does not permit instantaneous travel between two points; instead, warp drive technology creates an artificial "bubble" of normal space-time that surrounds the spacecraft (as opposed to entering a separate realm or dimension like hyperspace, as is used in the Star Wars, Stargate franchise, Warhammer 40,000, Babylon 5 and Andromeda universes). Consequently, spacecraft at warp velocity can continue to interact with objects in "normal space". Some of the other fictions in which warp drive technology is featured include: Stars!, Freelancer, EVE Online, Earth and Beyond, StarCraft, Mass Effect, DarkSpace, Starship Troopers, Doctor Who, Halo and Star Ocean.

(*Above courtesy Wikipedia)

Although hypothetical is a pretty speculative term in itself (considering that a 100 years back, majority of current innovations were hypothetical), NASA physicist Harold White has boldly stated that he and his fellow NASA members are developing a faster-than-light warp drive!

Did you hear? Faster than light!

Yeah right! But what about this guy?

Well, Harold has no intention of angering the Relativity Gods as all development and implementation of this Warp speed would be without violating Einstein's law of relativity. So there! Now, all should be well!

Read here the full Sci-Fi inspired real world implementation of the Warp drive!

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