Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The hunt for the best (non-SSD) Hard disk…in India…


Sometimes, being a part of the 3rd world sucks big-time.

A major conversion-cost-hitter is the Info-tech related sector, IT Hardware stuff. Things and innovations taken for granted in the west, are quite successful in burning out holes in the Asian IT aficionado’s pockets (if at all it is available in their homeland).

Be it Smart-phones, Hardware accessories, or novelty stuff (games etc.), these things can easily set some of us back by our monthly pay-cheque!

But as they say, technology is best embraced when it is needed badly the most.

Coming back to the story, my (still) decent DELL XPS 15 (the 1st generation L501x) is raising the need for expanding the primary storage section.

The seagate stock HDD is slowly on its way out, and although I am having the extended warranty (which again left some burn marks on my pockets !) I am on the lookout for a perfect (non-SSD) 750 GB HDD.

I have just started scouting the web for the same, and am zeroing in on some options…

One of the most interesting one is the Western Digital's Scorpio Black 750GB notebook hard-drive.


Checkout the comprehensively excellent review here.

I have had some experience with the earlier WD Scorpio 500 GB HDD, but am yet to try out the 750 GB beast.

Also, one other contender which is quite popular is the Seagate 2nd Generation Momentus XT Solid State Hybrid Drive 750 GB.

Seagate Momentus XT - Hybrid hard drive

As the name suggests, this Seagate has the traditional platter storage coupled with a 8GB NAND (SSD technology) which supposedly should help boost boot up and app access speeds much beyond the normal HDD. So basically that is what makes it hybrid.

AnandTech has an exhaustive review for the same.

The only thing I am actually apprehensive about is the finite NAND read/write cycles. And that the price is killing (amazon retails for $150, the INR rate would be anybody’s guess!).

So I am looking for the Scorpio black… Would be touring the local Hardware shrine this week probably… Let’s see how lucrative the hunt turns out.

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